About Us

We are located a 15 minute walk or 1 minute drive from the town centre of Cape Tribulation, on 5 acres of privately owned rainforest with walking trails, sculptures and a small swimming hole in a rainforest stream.

 Aruni was born and raised in Thailand where she learned the traditional massage techniques, and she has brought them to the Daintree.

We run a small B&B, Rainforest Hideaway and a massage business on the same property, you don't have to be a B&B guest, the massage is open to anyone.

Massage in the rainforest

enjoy a massage in the rain forest

Rainforest Location

We offer a serene peaceful location deep inside the rainforest. Massage can be done anywhere but the environment where the treatment takes place can definitely make it more effective.
relax on the trail after your massage

Rainforest Trails

Most spas and massage shops send you straight back on the sreet after your treatment and gone is the relaxation. Here you are welcome to linger on our five acres of rain forest trails with sculptures and seats for as long as you like before you head home again, or enjoy a swim in our beautiful rain forest stream.

Our Services

Thai Massage In Thai massage the recipient is fully dressed, in thin loose fitting clothing, and no oil is used. Instead of a massage table, the receiver lies on a matt or firm mattress.
Oil Massage If Thai massage sounds too strong for you and you just want to relax then oil massage, also called Swedish massage, might suit you better.
Nail Care We can get your nails in shape with manicures, pedicures and nail polish.